Events Spotlight: Cleveland That I Love

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The OverDrive team and I have been loving visiting libraries in our hometown over these past few weeks! It has been great being surrounded by familiar faces and places like Lake Erie and our local library partners. We’ve also been able to show some of our family and friends overviews of OverDrive’s download service through the Digital Bookmobile. But more …

Katie YapEvents Spotlight: Cleveland That I Love

Events Spotlight: Oklahoma

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The views have been gorgeous during our travels in the Western region. I’ve walked a lot of trails, climbed mountains, and have been enjoying the beautiful scenery. My co-worker, Heather Tunstall who is our Public Relations Specialist, showed me Garden of the Gods after one of our events in Colorado. The red rocks were just breathtaking. Here she is showing …

Katie YapEvents Spotlight: Oklahoma

Event Spotlight: Tempe Public Library

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This year has been excellent for the Digital Bookmobile so far and I would like to highlight our visit at Tempe Public Library in April in particular. Patrons were able to take a tour of the truck and discover Tempe’s digital collection, and we showed many new users how to download titles on their various devices. In fact, a visitor …

Katie YapEvent Spotlight: Tempe Public Library gets fancy

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Don’t get us wrong: we loved our old It served its purpose, and was a great place to find pictures, updates on where OverDrive’s 74-foot-long tractor-trailer would be next, and what local media are saying about the events. But really, there’s no comparison to the newly redesigned website. If you haven’t had a chance to look around, we invite …

Sarah gets fancy

Phoenix fun in the sun

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Greetings from warm and sunny Phoenix, Ariz.! It has been a busy week for the Digital Bookmobile but don’t worry, I’ve been enjoying the weather and of course, the great Mexican food. We started the beginning of the week by visiting two branches of Phoenix Public Library: Burton Barr Central Library and Cholla Library. We spoke with many Phoenix Public …

Katie YapPhoenix fun in the sun

Digital Bookmobile is back on the road!

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The Digital Bookmobile, the high-tech update of the traditional bookmobile that has served communities for decades, has started its 2014 national tour. The tour started on February 4 at Paso Robles Public Library in Paso Robles, Calif. Following more stops in Southern California, the Digital Bookmobile will visit libraries and schools in Arizona and Nevada next as it tours across …

Sarah KellyDigital Bookmobile is back on the road!