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After a short break in our schedule, it is nice being back out on the road and I’m enjoying the sunny southern weather. Since many of our events are hosted at libraries, I would love to talk about our recent event with one of our school partners.

On Wednesday, the Digital Bookmobile visited Hutchinson Middle School and we taught students and teachers how to use Lubbock ISD’s OverDrive powered website. Classes were able to attend three stations and found out how to download eBooks and audiobooks. First, students attended a presentation where they were introduced to the website, how to sign in using their credentials, and how to enjoy their borrowed digital titles.

Next, students were encouraged to bring their personal devices for the download station. Amanda Cargile and Lori Arterburn, School Librarians, guided students on installing and setting up the OverDrive app. For those who did not bring devices, they showed new users how to browse the website and read eBooks on the school computers. My favorite part of the day was seeing how excited the young teenagers were to discover and download eBooks and audiobooks. I heard many gasps and claps as they found and borrowed popular titles such as The Giver and Wonder. This station was also a good opportunity to mention that they can take advantage of their public library’s digital collection as well while they were setting up and “adding a library” to the app. Lastly, classes participated in a scavenger hunt while they took a tour of the Bookmobile. Through the activity, students interacted with our exhibits such as the Gadget Gallery and saw we are compatible with many devices. Numerous students also picked up device specific instructions to take home along with the informational packets they received during the presentation station.

Hutchinson Middle School

Hutchinson Middle School

We had a great time at Hutchinson Middle School and were happy to see how attentive and encouraged the students were. Lori said “it was wonderful to have the three stations to introduce OverDrive, to give an informative and interesting presentation with Frisbees given for correct answers, and a station where the students could apply instantly what they had learned. It was a great way to get students excited about OverDrive!”

We’ll be deep in the heart of Texas for another week and are excited to continue to welcome new visitors on the Digital Bookmobile.

Katie Yap is a Digital Media Event Specialist at OverDrive.

Katie YapEvent Spotlight: Lubbock ISD

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