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Other than the occasional rainstorm, visiting New England was great! When my co-worker and I were in Rhode Island, our diet was seafood. And we loved it. We tried clam “chowda” from so many different restaurants and saw some lighthouses and mansions on the way. We also enjoyed talking to library patrons in the New England area and appreciate everyone who braved the weather to visit the Digital Bookmobile.

We started off our trip in Rhode Island at Cumberland Public Library. It was interesting to hear the history of the library because it used to be a monastery that was built in 1900. We did not let the previous ghost hunter visits and haunted rumors scare us though and had a successful event in Cumberland. Patrons took a tour of the truck and learned how to borrow and download books from the Ocean State Libraries eZone website. We also spoke with several avid OverDrive users who learned that their library has the “Recommend to Library” feature, so they can request eBooks and audiobooks if the library does not have a particular digital title in their collection. Next, we traveled to Warwick Public Library where our most common question we received was how to return titles early. Patrons learned that if you are in the OverDrive app bookshelf, you can tap and hold the title you wish to return to display the return options.

Lastly, the Digital Bookmobile visited Middletown Public Library. We were impressed with the amazing OverDrive t-shirts the staff made! The shirts not only raised awareness about the digital lending program, but they also encouraged patrons to check out the truck and learn more about OverDrive. With the help of Sue Connor, Technical Services, we were able to help patrons borrow and download books on their devices. Sue also made sure to tell new users that she is available for one on one appointments if they have any questions or come across any issues. It was great to see how supportive the library staff is especially for those who might have forgotten to bring their device to the truck or could not make it to the event.

Sue Connor and Middletown Public Library staff members wearing OverDrive t-shirts!

Sue Connor and Middletown Public Library staff members wearing OverDrive t-shirts!

We’re continuing to follow the warmer weather and make our way to the south so stay tuned for more updates from the road!

Katie Yap is a Digital Media Event Specialist at OverDrive.

Katie YapEvents Spotlight: New England

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