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Four Libby audiobook features to enhance your listening experience

When I was a kid, I much preferred listening to my mom read to me than to read a book myself. My sister, however, was the total opposite. She preferred to read at her own pace (lightning fast), with her own narration bringing the characters to life (our mother is one of many talents, voice acting is not one of them, so I can’t really blame her there). We haven’t changed all that much as adults. My sister would sooner eat mud for a year than force herself to listen to an audiobook; and although I occasionally read in the written format, much of my reading is consumed by listening.

While my love of listening likely stems from my inability to sit still long enough to read more than one chapter at a time, working on the Digital Bookmobile really shed light on how many readers there are that would not be able to enjoy their favorite pastime without audiobooks. Some of the most impactful moments I’ve had out on the road are when patrons or students that experience barriers like dyslexia or macular degeneration gain greater access to audiobooks through Libby.

In celebration of Audiobook Month, I wanted to share some of my favorite audiobook features in the Libby app.

1. Sleep Timer – Libby’s sleep timer is perfect for listeners that like to enjoy their audiobooks while they fall asleep. By setting a sleep timer, you never have to worry about losing your place if you doze off while listening.

To set a sleep timer for the first time, tap the crescent moon icon at the top right of the audiobook player. Then, choose a preset or drag on the “Fine-tune” slider to set a custom timer (5-120 minutes).

To cancel the sleep timer, tap the crescent moon icon and select Off. Canceling a sleep timer also deletes your saved timer.

2. Playback Speed – You can adjust Libby’s playback speed to your preference. Whether a narrator speaks too fast or you just want to get that required reading a little faster, Libby lets you adjust the playback speed to suit your personal needs.

To change the playback speed in an audiobook, tap the speedometer icon. Then, choose a preset or drag on the “Fine-tune” slider to set a custom speed (0.6–3x).