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It’s a free service that OverDrive offers to our library and school partners. OverDrive will provide the vehicle and all associated electronic equipment, power and Internet connectivity to help operate the event. Other than your staff and promotional support for the event, OverDrive will be responsible for all costs associated with the vehicle.

• At least 1 staff member must be available to work the Digital Bookmobile during all operating hours.

• The staff must be well-versed on the OverDrive service and able to answer basic technical questions.

• Staff members who are not familiar with the OverDrive service, but are interested in participating in the event are required to complete a training on OverDrive basics. This will include an overview of the Digital Bookmobile to help set expectations for the event.

• Participating library/school staff must arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the event for a thorough overview of the Digital Bookmobile. This also provides an opportunity for the participating staff to become familiar with the space and the available technology.

Events can run up to 6 hours maximum during the library/school’s open hours. We recommend hosting an event during your peak business hours or during already scheduled programing to attract the optimal traffic.

The vehicle is 44’5” L x 8’ W. The clear set-up area required when fully deployed is approximately 52’ L x 22’ W.

Yes. In addition to a wheelchair lift, all workstations within the vehicle can be adjusted to accommodate various heights and physical limitations.

The driver will arrive onsite two hours before the start of the event, but may need to arrive earlier for the parking lot to be mostly empty. The driver will park at a nearby truck stop the night before the event.

No, the truck is completely self-sufficient with solar panels and a back-up generator supplying full electricity for the trailer.

Yes, the vehicle is equipped with onboard wireless internet connectivity through both Verizon and T-Mobile. If a strong cellular connection is provided by one of these providers, internet access will be strong for the event. The network and password information is available within the vehicle for those interested in having access to the internet during their visit.

The Digital Bookmobile requires surfaces capable of sustaining 80,000 lbs.