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Life on the Road

Tips and tricks for existing Libby users

  • Oct 19, 2019
  • Marissa Gillett
While the Digital Bookmobile is used as a tool to spread the word of Libby for our library partners, we also get visitors that are already Libby users. When existing Libby users visit, it’s common for them to assume they won’t learn anything new from our team and often don’t want to steal our attention […]

Library offerings you didn’t know you were missing

  • Oct 04, 2019
  • Marissa Gillett
Libraries are so much more than a building full of books these days. Yes, if you walk into a library you will still find books, but you will also find computers, 3D printers, movies, craft kits, and gaming consoles. Libraries become community hubs, career services, tech support, research centers, and creative spaces all rolled into […]

Gainesville’s brew-ti-ful natural spaces outrank the rest

  • Sep 23, 2019
  • Marissa Gillett
When Digital Bookmobile visitors find out that we are a national traveling exhibit, their first (of many) questions is always, “Where is your favorite place you’ve been?” It seems like an easy question to answer, but the truth is, I’ve loved every city and small town I’ve traveled to since starting at OverDrive in March. […]

5 Reddit communities for book lovers

  • Sep 06, 2019
  • Marissa Gillett
Whether you want to participate in lively discussions about your favorite classic novel, brag about how many books you’ve read this year, or upvote a perfectly organized home library, Reddit has a community for literary fanatics of all types. 1. r/52books Do you ever struggle to get reading into your daily routine? r/52books is a […]

Libby love on and off the clock

  • Aug 23, 2019
  • Marissa Gillett
For a second consecutive year, the Digital Bookmobile team promoted Libby to cos-players at Dover Comic Con in Dover, Delaware. We had a variety of characters make an appearance on the truck, ranging from dainty princesses to lanky superheroes all in search of one thing – air conditioning. Little did they know that our air […]

Three Podcast Episodes I Love About Books

  • Aug 02, 2019
  • Marissa Gillett
One of the best parts of being the Digital Book Specialist at OverDrive is that I get to work with so many different groups of people. Out on the road, coworkers from every department, ranging from Technical Support to Legal, accompany me and our driver Ira at each event. While making my way from library […]